Yup, I’ve accepted a position as a PhD researcher at the Law & Tech Lab of Maastricht University. Here is the job offer that turned me on:

Although the development and application of artificial intelligence has taken off, many vulnerable persons such as victims, social media users, children, and consumers are left unprotected or even exploited because they do not have access to legal information or to law enforcement.

AI has the potential to assist in empowering those vulnerable persons, but because there is no commercial interest for such activities, the protection of vulnerable persons is severely lagging behind.

There is a growing need to apply computational methods to develop data infrastructures and methodologies, and to apply them to answer empirical research questions that contribute to protecting vulnerable persons in a legally compliant way. In this project, the Ph.D. student will develop, explore, and test computational methods that aid to protect vulnerable persons.

I’m and have always been genuinely passionate about solving challenging problems through technology. That’s what I love to do. And it’s clear that this research project is is one of those exciting and motivating challenges due to its noble cause.

Being able to conduct scientific research in AI to contribute in helping vulnerable people deal with their legal issues is an opportunity that is close to my heart and that I couldn’t miss. That is why I’ve decided to dedicate the next four years of my life to this project. Let the research start!